It's drivin' me crazy
The way you describe it
How funny, how sad
I think that it's tragic
That there's no magic
In what you do

What was playing in the background or in your head
When you and your sweetheart danced for the very first time
When your friends and you are laughing
When you're sad and you are crying
When you're off beat and you're dancing
When you're leaving and there is no returning

Music's life to me

Finally it's time for me to tell my story
I'm a singer born and raised in Turkey
Tryin' to do my music without gettin' naked
Without a pop CD and without faking
'Cuz it's time to prove the world that we can make it
If you really born to do it, you don't need to fake it
People with a good heart will understand and love it
People with prejudice, they just won't get it
"Forget it!" producers said to me
I was only 19 when offered a record deal
"Do this, do that, and get us some cash"
I won't do it even if you strike with a lash
Whoever's in it for the money, I pity
Whoever thinks it's easy, I pity
Transcribe, transpose, arrange and redo it
Did I go all through this 'cuz I was stupid?
God knows there are times I feel that way
But then I look at Ella, Billie, Sarah, and I pray
No matter what I'm singin', I'll be singin' with my heart
Nothing can make me and my music fall apart
I said do you have the heart
To swing it with your heart


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